Washington OSINT Roundtable is Launched
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Washington OSINT Roundtable is Launched
12 Jun 2012 : The Washington OSINT Roundtable, co-founded by OSINT Solutions’ founder and CEO, J. Patrick Enderson, inaugural event kicked off on June 12, 2012. The Washington OSINT Roundtable’s founding members include an elite group of senior leaders from Fortune 100 and small to mid-size firms who support a wide range of government and commercial industries. The Washington OSINT Roundtable is an industry liaison group created to facilitate an ongoing dialog and collaborative working environment between industry leaders in both the public and private sectors engaged with, and affected by open source intelligence (OSINT) issues..
Focus Areas Include:
  • Government policy and the use of information derived from open source intelligence
  • Emerging open source intelligence and social media technologies
  • Making sense of "Big Data" in 2012 and beyond
  • Open source information ethics
  • Current and projected public and private need for insights gained via open source intelligence
  • Open source intelligence best practices, training and education
  • Open source intelligence and the social media environment