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Expert team of OSINT Solutions- The most popular OSINT company in USA- J. Patrick Enderson- CEO of OSINT Solutions

J. Patrick Enderson

Role: Founder/Chairman/CEO
Phone: 240.223.2446 ext 1

J Patrick Enderson is an accomplished serial entrepreneur, business executive and inventor with extensive experience developing and implementing start up businesses in a wide range of markets. As an inventor he currently holding both patent pending and R&D stage intellectual property assets which include, but are not limited to: OSINT integration solutions; Social Media Systems for Counter-terrorism and law enforcement applications and OSINT training and education curriculums.

Mr. Enderson has founded, co-founded and put management teams together for a number of successful start-up firms including: OSINT Solutions, HJR OSINT Center; and EVOZ®. Two of these firms currently represent a select and very small group of fully operational, privately held Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Centers in the United States which provide information based products, knowledge strategy and integrated technology solutions to commercial and government clientele.

He is a recognized OSINT subject matter expert and presenter and has previously presented at the ISS World Telestrategies Conference in Washington DC and at the Defense Intelligence Agency, (DIA) where the firm he founded, OSINT Solutions, was honored as the first commercial firm in their history to facilitate on Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Training Day in December, 2010… Read More

Expert team of OSint Solutions- The most popular OSINT company in USA- Jim Benjamin- COO of OSINT Solutions

Jim Benjamin

Role: Chief Operating Officer
Phone: 240.223.2446 ext 7

Jim Benjamin, United States Navy (Retired), former ACINT Specialist Program Manager currently supports Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory as a Senior Staff Member and serves as a Subject Matter Expert in acoustics analyst for the IUSS SEMP group. As a member of JHU/APL – Signal and Systems Analysis Group, National Security Technology Department with primary duties working on the SURTASS Engineering Measurement Program (SEMP) to evaluate system performance through quantitative measurement and providing recommendations for system improvements. Additionally, he supports, test and evaluates events at shore facilities and at sea, and is involved with various advance development projects. One of his key projects involves introducing the TANG concept of creative thinking and technology advancements to the Integrated Undersea Surveillance Systems naval program.

Jim has joined the private sector after a distinguished 30-year career serving the U.S. Navy in the submarine force attaining the rank of Master Chief Petty Officer. He was the eighth individual to hold the position as Program manager of the 52-year-old ACINT Specialist Program. As the Program manager of an organization referred to by the highest level of Naval Officials as a “jewel” in the Navy’s ASW efforts around the world, he was responsible for managing 73 senior level ACINT Specialists stationed worldwide, who provided direct support to a yearly average of 80 U.S. and Allied submarine and surface ship missions. Jim also served as the direct liaison to the Royal Navy and Royal Australian ACINT Specialist Programs during his time as Program Manager… Read More

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