Services Overview

OSINT Solution’s vision is to deliver “best-of-class” specialized services founded on validated processes, continuous and measured improvement using quantitative performance data, and the delivery of seamless and responsive services.

The firm’s management approach is based upon three fundamental elements – people, processes, and management tools/plans. Management processes are based on in-depth planning, accurate forecasting, constant monitoring, and prompt action to deliver superior products on schedule and within budget.

  • Strategies <a>& Planning</a>

    Strategies & Planning

    OSINT Solutions Strategy Consulting Services assists companies and organizations in assessing strategies to acquire and use information effectively and efficiently. We fully understand that each knowledge acquistion strategy is unique to the individual corporation and must be customized to suit current needs; while at the same time remain adaptable to service future needs....
  • Research, Intelligence <a>& Investigative Services</a>

    Research, Intelligence & Investigative Services

    OSINT Solutions understands that each organization's knowledge acquisition strategy and intelligence service needs are dynamic and integral facets to efficient and effective operations and growth....
  • Technology <a>& Methodologies</a>

    Technology & Methodologies

    Our preferred Enterprise and Decision Support Solutions; coupled with our internal OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) Integration Methodologies supplies near real time intelligence reporting, fully customizable deliverables to our clients. This effective, efficient and time tested use of technology acts as a significant force multiplier in support of our efforts....
  • Support


    The highly trained and experienced project managers and subject matter experts (SME) at OSINT Solutions can help you acquire the technology and/or knowledge acquistion strategy you require to reach your desired objectives within a budget that works for you....